Tentative Conference Schedule

Friday July 15, 2022 5 - 6 Registration6 - 7 Welcome and Opening Keynote by Dorothy Burge7 - 8:30 Opening Panel: Abolitionist Art/ists" : Tracing histories and stitching connectionsModerated by Sarah Ross and Anna Martine Whitehead
“Art helps us to remove the ceilings from our imaginations. And art helps to facilitate dreaming. And my God, we need dreaming. And we need imagination more than ever, in this time, and always.”- Mariame Kaba
Why do so many social movements and abolitionists turn to art to imagine a new future? Artists are trained to develop work through both the exercise of imagination and the practice of craft. That is, in order to render an image of the new, one has to, over and over again, make the mark, stitch the seam or shape the material. In the process of trying and trying again to make something anew, the practice of abolition is possible. That is to say, through iteration and imagination we might get to a world where harm reduction is normalized, where policing and punishment is rarefied, and where throwing people away in cages for decades or lifetimes is not an option. But to get there, we have to make new systems of care and accountability, we have to practice being wrong and learn how to be with others in learning. Art making is both a process and practice that helps us lean into a space that we don’t yet have figured out and be challenged by that which is not yet known.

Saturday July 16th8 - 9 Registration9 - 10 Welcome and opening10 - 11:30 Opening Plenary 11:30 - 12:30 Lunch
1- 2:30 Workshops/Panels
  • Art and Abolition Inside and Outside of Prison Walls - Jude Glaubman, Sangi Ravichandran, Melissa Blount
  • Quilting as Creative Resistance - Rochelle Royster
  • Partners in Practice? Social Justice and the Art Museum - Elaine Yau
3pm - 4:30 Workshops/Panels
  • A Coping Skills Quilt Project in a Community Mental Health and Crisis Care Program - Marie Shebeck and Elyse Schauer
  • Sally Hemmings University Connecting Threads - Lisa Woolfork and Tobiah Mundt
  • MARKINGS - Discovering My Black Identity - Julian Jones

6pm to 8pm - Stitch by Stitch Exhibit Opening at Weinberg/Newton Gallery
** Note that we will have spaces for processing and quiet reflection available to attendees, in addition to childcare
Sunday July 17th1pm - 3pm- Community Day of Making at the PO Box Collective (6900 Glenwood Ave)- What Does Solidarity Look Like? Radical Empathy, Visual Voice, and Collaborative Quiltmaking - Dorothy Burge, Anthony Holmes, LaTanya Sublett and Mary L Johnson